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Matterness: Fearless Leadership for a Social World is a comprehensive tour of how we are living and we should be leading. It begins with a discussion of how we are living online and on land and how the integration of these two worlds is changing our lives. Learn about our Big Small Towns, how fear and the loss of control are paralyzing leaders and making them and their organizations less relevant, and, finally learn how to reverse this lens and create a powerful new way leading by focusing on making other people matter more. Packed with case studies and interviews, Matterness spotlights how making other people matter more energizes people in your network and creates an ecosystem with greater success, profits and impact.

The book shares many examples of Matterness in practice, including how the Container Store uses foundational principles to drive its success, how Henry Timms learned to engage his staff more as problem solvers to lead the 92nd St Y, and how Jennifer James turned individual Mom bloggers into two hugely successful efforts, the Mom Bloggers Club and Mom Bloggers for Social Good, by making every mom feel known and powerful every, single day.

Matterness is available for purchase on Amazon.

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