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Why Matterness Is Important To You

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Your Network Will Work With You Instead of Watching You Work

Why is it so quiet? You can see it on social media, but the quiet extends to other places in your organization. Why aren’t customers and donors staying longer? Why isn’t more money coming in? Your people are sitting on their hands and wallets because they don’t feel like they matter to you. Matterness is a different way of working that turns passive stakeholders into active participants by making each person known, acknowledged and invested in your success. As a result, your people will unlock their vast reserves of social, intellectual and financial capital on your behalf. Your network will work with you, instead of watching you work.

  • Your social media

    Percent of social media fans who engage with your content

  • Your donors and customers

    Percent who donate and buy only one time

  • Who feels like they matter

    90% don't feel like they matter to organizations

  • People Who Want to Matter to Your Organization

Our focus

We Will Customize Any Of These Services For Your Needs
Matterness Assessment

We will work with you to determine where and how your organization is working with rather than at people. The assessment will cover all areas of the organization including programs, communication, development and governance. Our Assessment surfaces the data points that point to how willing your network is to act on your behalf, and what changes must be made to make them feel that they matter deeply to you.

Matterness Plan

We will work with you to develop and implement a Matterness plan that includes specific ways to activate your network, a timeline, supportive training, and a measurement instrument. An increase in Matterness over time has a direct impact on the organization’s ability to attract and retain donors and supporters.

Experiential Coaching

We will work with your team to present the ideas of Matterness and craft specific experiments the team can implement in order to put the ideas of Matterness into action. This is an iterative process of learning and implementation to ensure that the ideas are well understood and put into practice.


Transitioning to a networked mindset can be challenging. We are experienced teachers who develop participatory trainings appropriate for staff and boards. Our trainings focus on teaching participants to reimagine their role in a networked environment and how to become network leaders who can unleash the capital that exists within every network.

Here We Are!

Allison Fine
Matterness Author and Strategist
Allison Fine helps organizations convert uncertainty over rapid change into excitement over remaking organizations by focusing on what matters the most: their people. Learn more about Allison at
Debra Askanase
Matterness Strategist
Debra Askanase is an experienced digital engagement strategist. She teaches Social Media Strategy as faculty at Marlboro College Graduate School. Debra is passionate about creating strategic paths to change through online engagement. Learn more at


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